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The Tesit Company was founded in 1971 for the purpose of manufacturing and supplying the following special technologies for construction companies:
• Prestressed-concrete tensioning cables
• Threaded bars
• Rock and alluvium tie bars
• Expansion joints for bridges and viaducts
• Structural bearings
During the ensuing years, the company studied and realized technical innovations. The new technologies that were continually developed, and the considerable know-how acquired both in Europe and in the United States, permitted the company to grow and to soon become a recognized leader in the sector, a position it has enjoyed for many years.
The high technological and engineering-design level acquired through the experience gained throughout the world permits the company to address and resolve, at the global level, all the problematics connected with special civil works and infrastructure projects.
The maintenance of this high qualitative level is assured by the daily dedication on the part of the company's technical  and operative personnel, as well as by the continual research carried out to optimize the solutions regarding product quality and client service.
The company's objective is to maintain its leadership position, both  in Italy and  abroad, by consolidating its acquired market position and continuing  to be an important point of reference in the sector for studying new, updated solutions.
Type of provided services:
• prestressing strands
• prestressing tendon components
• complete range of equipment
• ground anchors made with bars and strands
• sub- contracting of prestressing operations
• design and assistance on site
• continuos thread bars

Agency, distributors licensees in the world:

• Portugal
• Greece
• England 
• Macedonia 
• Turkey
• Egypt
• Lebanon
• Uae
• Taiwan
• South Korea
• Colombia
• Qatar, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Australia and potential interested in Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan.

Type of provided services
• prestressing strands
• prestressing tendon components
• complete range of equipment
• ground anchors made with bars and strands
• sub-contracting of prestressing operations
• design and assistance on site
• continuos thread bars